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A top-down shooter-game set a planet somewhere.  Your ship was destroyed, but your escape-pod survived.  You're trying to recharge it, so you can leave the planet, but...you need a power source.

You've got to finish recharging your escape-pod, but there are alien/zombie/??? things after you and your ship.  If they can get in, it's over.


You have to manage your power system (don't let the generators or batteries go down), your health (try not to die), and your ammo (you have a limited number of spare magazines, so don't just waste them after shooting one bullet).  You can build things to help (such as toggleable medical machines or ammo factories), but it'll cost valuble power you could be using for your ship.

Current Status

  • MAPS: Only one, prebuilt map; RNG is still a WIP because map generation is complicated AF
  • AUDIO: Fancy dynamic music for all the characters, alternative tracks WIP, and basic SFXR-based sound effects, foley-based ones potentially to be added later
  • ART: Nice chunky pixels, nothing much to be done here
  • GAMEPLAY: The core loop's there, now there just needs to be some (pirate voice) Content!
  • MULTIPLAYER: A co-op mode is on the TODO list, but not an immediate task
  • TIMELINE: Uncertain, at the moment.
  • DEMO: The original Ludum Dare release is available as a free demo on all platforms, while the main game requires money/a download key (currently key-only while it's in closed alpha)


The main cast is currently under reconstruction, being rebuilt with a more critical eye, trying to avoid any accidental stereotyping that may've happened in the early rush to try out making new character ideas.

Fellow devs?  If you're working on a game with a diverse cast of characters, please, try to keep in mind that diversity isn't just skin-deep.  If you think you can solve your diversity problem by putting a pair of breasts on one of your characters and changing their skin color, you are doing it wrong.

In any game with characters, trying to avoid that sort of stereotyping or being "diverse" for correctness' sake is always paramount.  If you're making a game that is very much ABOUT its characters, like Overwatch, or The Fallen, this need is turned up to 11 - you have no excuse not to put as much effort as possible into making your characters good.


Some controls are missing from the help screen, and there are definitely some bugs.  If you find something that's broken, tweet all hell at me at @CliffracerX with what's broken.

NOTICE: WebGL versions will always be slightly out of date as I have a dangerously contrived build system for them, and it's an absolute pain (like 30-45 minutes of work) to get an updated webGL build online.  If you wanna play the game, it's strongly advised to download the client.

I'll likely be phasing out WebGL builds or locking them to only the easiest difficulty or something in future when the game goes commercial.

WebGL version available at https://itch.io/embed-upload/554396?color=707070

Ludum Dare era WebGL available at https://itch.io/embed-upload/563110?color=707070

And yes, if you're wondering, The Dude is roughly based off the appearence of the main Conductor fellow from The Final Station; the game's pixel art style was my primary source of inspiration for the visual aesthetic in The Fallen.

Oh, and the font ingame is Coda, licensed under the Open Font License.  I use it for, like, everything at this point.  It's a good font, Bront.


We have an official Discord server that you can join if you want immediate real-time contact capability, or want a more up-close and personal development log; I'll be barfing a lot of pictures on that server, and there'll be more sneak-peaks than on Twitter.

You CAN, of course, also tweet me, but my response times are going to be more delayed with that.  On the flip side, there'll also be more fun stuff from my personal life, like D&D quotes, other gamedev things, and, of course, political commentary.  If you find that I've already blocked you, chances are I had a good reason to.


Like most games these days, WASD and your mouse are the most obvious controls; you move left/right with A/D, up/down with W/S, and your mouse is used to point at things, place objects, shoot, and wire things.

You can press the spacebar to toggle if your weapon's out or not; some functionality isn't enabled unless it's holstered, so if you're having trouble, try putting it away.  While your weapon's out, you can use F to toggle its flashlight attachment on/off; it'll drain your local power supply, but it's useful for seeing and telling where you're aiming.  If your current magazine/internal magazine/cylinder/whatever isn't full, you can press R to reload while your weapon is out; beware, however, as some weapons use a magazine system and reloading when you have ammo left wastes valuable shots.

When your weapon's not out, the various basebuilding functions are enabled; your left mouse button can be used to toggle some buildings and refuel generators when not in Build Mode.  Your right mouse button can be used to link buildings outside of Build Mode, as well; link a power source (e.g, generator) to a power user (e.g, battery) to get things working.  You can press R to toggle buildmode on and off.  In buildmode, your mouse wheel lets you scroll through available buildings, and you can build wherever your mouse is with LMB if you've got the resources.

Finally, important info

The original Ludum Dare versions of the game will always be available for free, with the sourcecode available on GitHub for those who want to venture into my uncommented spaghetticode hellscape and figure out how the game ticks.

However, I WILL eventually be selling it here on Itch for about $1.  An MP3 version of the soundtrack will also be available for $2 if you don't feel like trawling through the asset files for the music.

If you played the game for LD originally and want a key when I eventually go commercial, contact me in some form (e.g, Twitter DM) with verification that you were indeed one of my Feedback Friends, and I'll barf a game key in your general direction with all the things unlocked.


This game is currently unavailable

Download demo

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Version 1
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Version 1
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Version 1
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Version 1

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