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You are a robot.  Your home factory is malfunctioning and extremely lethal.  You need to get out, but beware - it's large, sprawling, and dangerous.  You'll need to gather various upgrades in order to have a shot at making it to the exit, and be careful with your weapon use - while they have their own batteries, *recharging* them draws power from your own, which provide shields and...well, life.

Adventure through three "worlds", collect valuable artifacts (such as a solar panel for reacharging in light auras, or springs for your legs to maximize jump height), and scavenge up a combat-ready loadout to defend yourself against the facility's decrepit droids.


This is a highly-experimental proc-genned sidescroller aiming to provide one of the first (?) ever roguelite/Metroidvania mash-ups.  Death is permanent, facilities are random, and you have one sitting to beat the game - though it's not too hard, especially if you turn down the map size.  Swap your weapons at podiums around the map, gather max-battery upgrades, and occasional Artifacts that grant you new abilities, like higher jumps or better health-regen in Solar Auras.  When you can survive the deadly Miasma with the aid of the small Solar Aura zones inside it, make a beeline through it to find the exit hatch!


  • A/D: Move left and right, respectively.
  • Spacebar: Jump.
  • Q: Toggle if your weapons are out or not.  When your weaponry is holstered, moving is easier & quicker.
  • F: Toggle between your two weapon slots.
  • R: Recharge your currently held weapon.
  • X: Interact with an item on the ground.
  • LMB: Shoot at things.


  • LAEMEUR & Zeh Fernando for making the Perfect DOS VGA font series, used in all the menu GUI and whatnot.


ld44-powerbot9000-linux.zip 35 MB
Version 1 May 01, 2019
ld44-powerbot9000-windows.zip 20 MB
Version 1 May 01, 2019
ld44-powerbot9000-macosx.zip 22 MB
Version 1 May 01, 2019

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