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APS (Astronaut Plus Skateboard) is an experimental skating game (sorta), originally made in 30 hours for the first Extra Credits game jam.

You're a sci-fi astronaut with a hoverboard in, by default, a 1/10th scale version of the (38628) Huya system (albiet with altered gravity) - zoom around, have fun, and enjoy the Awesome Per Second.  Just be careful - your EVA pack is more than powerful enough to shoot you into orbit and beyond!  If you get stranded without EVA fuel, it's only a matter of time before your life support runs out...

Your goal is simple - visit all the bases in the system.  There are two on the main planet, which refuel both your life support & your EVA jetpack, one space station that refuels life support, and one mining station on the moon (the side tidally-locked to the planet, mind) that refills your EVA fuel.  Once you've visited them all, an escape ship will land (one day), and entering it will send you to the win screen.  Simple, sure, but the main focus is really just flying around like crazy w/ your hoverboard and jetpack.

Since its original release, the game has received some new maps (a larger planetary system on-par with the real-life (38628) Huya system for scale, representing my original No Man's Sky homeworld & its moon), and new (albiet experimental) features, like a flight UI, and rather glitchy planetary rotation & orbiting moons.  Development is currently on mild hold, due to other projects being higher priority, and being rather busy with RL stuff, but more content is coming, along with polish & bugfixing.


  • A/D: Turns your board.  While it's in hover-mode (i.e, close to the ground), this redirects your current velocity towards whatever direction you're facing, otherwise it just rotates you, leaving your velocity alone.
  • W/S: Forwards and backwards with your EVA jetpack.  While your board is in hover mode, this is free - it costs no fuel.  If you're getting air-time, though, it will use up your fuel reserves.
  • Left-Shift/Left-Control: Up and down (respectively) with your EVA jetpack.  Like with W/S, this is free while hovering, but requires fuel in the air.
  • R: Toggles "rest mode".  In rest mode, your life support usage is reduced to 1/10th of normal, but you can't change direction or velocity.  If you've got yourself on a trajectory to the moon, take a breather - otherwise your life support might fail before your arrival!
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, etc: Changes time-warp.  1 is 1x, 2 is 2x, 3 is 4x, 4 is 8x, 5 is 16x, and so on, all the way up to 0 giving you 512x speed - will you ever really need this??  Good for those looooong jumps, orbital maneuvers, and more.
  • RMB: Toggle mouse-lock.
  • Scrollwheel: Zoom in and out.

Install instructions

Make sure to read the controls!  And use the Itch app, possibly - I do plan to include some content & feature updates down the line, and auto-updates are handy!


aps-nixuniversal.zip 121 MB
Version 3 Jan 29, 2019
aps-macos.zip 108 MB
Version 2 Jan 29, 2019
aps-win32.zip 103 MB
Version 2 Jan 29, 2019
aps-win64.zip 105 MB
Version 2 Jan 29, 2019
aps-soundtrack.zip 75 MB
Version 2 Sep 23, 2018

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